The Depth Chart: 2013 NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

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Here’s a look at my NFL power rankings for Week 4 of the 2013 season.


  1. Denver Broncos (1)(3-0) — They just keep rolling, this time cruising past the Raiders.
  2. Seattle Seahawks (2)(3-0) — As expected, they beat up on the Jaguars at home.
  3. New England Patriots (5)(3-0) — Looked a little bit better than the previous weeks but still not up to their standards.
  4. New Orleans Saints (6)(3-0) — Sean Payton has his guys on a roll.
  5. Chicago Bears (8)(3-0) — Had a solid, all-around effort in beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals (11)(2-1) — Solid comeback victory against the Packers.
  7. Miami Dolphins (12)(3-0) — One of the surprise teams of 2013, knocked off the Falcons at home.
  8. Indianapolis Colts (13)(2-1) — Pounded the 49ers in San Francisco, intriguing effort.
  9. Baltimore Ravens (10)(2-1) — Took down the finesse Texans in impressive fashion.
  10. Houston Texans (3)(2-1) — Couldn’t handle what the Ravens dished out.
  11. San Francisco 49ers (4)(1-2) — Do not look like a great team at this point. Too many problems to be considered among league’s best right now.
  12. Atlanta Falcons (7)(1-2) — Injuries are costing this team. Big loss on road to Dolphins
  13. Green Bay Packers (9)(1-2) — Injuries probably hurt chances to beat Bengals, but turnovers hurt worse.
  14. Kansas City Chiefs (18)(3-0) — Another one of the most intriguing teams of 2013; Andy Reid has this team cruising.
  15. Dallas Cowboys (14)(2-1) — Dismantled the Rams at home.
  16. Detroit Lions (17)(2-1) — Lions won for the first time in a long time in Washington. Jim Schwartz thought it was worth a swagger to midfield.
  17. Philadelphia Eagles (15)(1-2) — After an exciting first week, the Eagles are struggling to live up to billing.
  18. Tennessee Titans (27)(2-1) — Solid victory over a decent San Diego team.
  19. San Diego Chargers (19)(1-2) — Couldn’t hang on to beat the Titans.
  20. Washington Redskins (16)(0-3) — RG3 still doesn’t look right coming back from injury.
  21. St. Louis Rams (22)(1-2) — Decent talent, but still need to put all the pieces together.
  22. Buffalo Bills (23)(1-2) — Lost to division rival Jets. No magic this week.
  23. Carolina Panthers (24)(1-2) — Obliterated the Giants at home. Ron Rivera keeps job for another week.
  24. New York Jets (28)(2-1) — Outlasted the Bills at home. Two wins, but very unimpressive.
  25. Arizona Cardinals (26)(1-2) — Couldn’t keep up with the high-powered Saints.
  26. New York Giants (20)(0-3) — Something just isn’t right with this bunch. Eli can’t take care of the ball and the Giants can’t stop anyone.
  27. Cleveland Browns (30)(1-2) — Big victory on the road over the Vikings. Don’t know how this bad team did it though.
  28. Minnesota Vikings (21)(0-3) — Losing to the Browns at home is an embarrassment.
  29. Pittsburgh Steelers (25)(0-3) — Steelers just don’t have it this year. Roethlisberger was careless with the football.
  30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29)(0-3) — Bucs couldn’t match up with the Patriots on the road.
  31. Oakland Raiders (31)(1-2) — Got beat by the best team in the league on the road.
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars (32)(0-3) — Probably headed for the first pick of the draft next year.
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