The Depth Chart: 2013 NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

Here’s a look at my NFL power rankings for Week 7 of the 2013 season.


  1. Denver Broncos (1)(6-0) — Did not cover the 27-point spread, but took down the lowly Jaguars.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (6)(6-0) — Still cruising along, setting up a great showdown with division-rival Broncos soon.
  3. Seattle Seahawks (4)(5-1) — Still having identity crises home vs. away, but still a force to be reckoned with.
  4. New England Patriots (7)(5-1) — Clutch play by Brady took down the unbeaten Saints.
  5. San Francisco 49ers (5)(4-2) — Beat up on division rival Arizona. Still trying to catch Seattle.
  6. New Orleans Saints (2)(5-1) — Had the game against the Patriots in hand but couldn’t stop last-ditch effort by Brady.
  7. Indianapolis Colts (3)(4-2) — Colts and Luck looked mortal against the Chargers on the road.
  8. Green Bay Packers (8)(3-2) — Losing players fast to injury, but winning games nonetheless. Took down Baltimore on the road.
  9. Chicago Bears (10)(4-2) — Still having problems on defense, but offense is looking strong.
  10. Detroit Lions (13)(4-2) — Knocked off the lowly Browns on the road.
  11. Dallas Cowboys (15)(3-3) — Too much for Redskins to handle. NFC East is theirs for the taking.
  12. Cincinnati Bengals (11)(4-2) — Beat the Bills by a field goal in overtime.
  13. Baltimore Ravens (9)(3-3) — Couldn’t take care of the injury-depleted Packers at home.
  14. Miami Dolphins (12)(3-2) — Had the bye week to recuperate.
  15. San Diego Chargers (19)(3-3) — Strong victory by the Chargers at home on Monday night against the Colts.
  16. Philadelphia Eagles (16)(3-3) — Were able to beat a bad Buccaneers team, but still have issues.
  17. St. Louis Rams (17)(3-3) — Dominating victory over the reeling Texans.
  18. Houston Texans (14)(2-4) — There are bigger problems on this team than just Matt Schaub’s turnovers.
  19. Cleveland Browns (18)(3-3) — Wandering around in mediocrity … I guess that’s better than in the cellar.
  20. Tennessee Titans (20)(3-3) — Just couldn’t beat the Seahawks, but kept it close.
  21. Arizona Cardinals (21)(3-3) — Got beat by a better 49ers team on the road.
  22. New York Jets (22)(3-3) — Lost to the winless Steelers. Quarterback issues remain.
  23. Atlanta Falcons (23)(1-4) — Had the bye week to hopefully rest some injuries.
  24. Carolina Panthers (27)(2-3) — Destroyed the Vikings on the road.
  25. Pittsburgh Steelers (29)(1-4) — Knocked off the Jets for their first win of the year.
  26. Buffalo Bills (24)(2-4) — Fought hard against the Bengals, but lost in overtime.
  27. Oakland Raiders (25)(2-4) — No match for the unbeaten Chiefs.
  28. Washington Redskins (26)(1-4) — Couldn’t keep up with the division-rival Cowboys. RG3 has a ways to go.
  29. Minnesota Vikings (28)(1-4) — The death of Adrian Peterson’s son hung over this game but the Vikings couldn’t overcome the Panthers.
  30. New York Giants (30)(0-6) — Eli Manning tossed three more picks and the Giants remain winless.
  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31)(0-5) — Still an organizational mess. Greg Schiano can’t last much longer.
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars (32)(0-6) — With nothing to lose and facing large disrespect, they gave their best effort but lost to the Broncos.

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