Houston-Bennett scuffle tame, but meaningful

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On a hot, late spring day in Lake Forest, the Bears added a little spice to an otherwise dull organized team activity practice. Tempers flared between the gregarious tight end Martellus Bennett and newly acquired defensive end Lamarr Houston, as the two got into a brief scuffle and had to be separated.

Asked about the incident afterward, Houston said, “It’s football, man. That thing happens day in and day out. We’re just competitive guys. Sometimes get heated out there but it’s nothing personal.”

Cornerback Tim Jennings took the meaning of the scuffle to a different level.

“It just lets you know the fire that the OTAs is bringing at this defense. You’re not going to push us around. If you’re going to bark, we’re going to bark back.

“We had a struggle last year because we didn’t think we were tough enough and we didn’t get it done. So this year we’re going to start off with the fire, and we’re going to be in training camp mode. We’re going to run around, we’re going to fly and we’re going to hit like we used to when the Chicago Bears were playing good defense.”

That’s a good sign for a defense that was horrendous last year and is in need a of a little competitive fire.

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