Bears-Eagles preview: Who will win the starting middle linebacker spot: D.J. Williams or Jon Bostic?

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When the first depth chart was released by the Bears this preseason, it listed D.J. Williams and Jon Bostic as co-starters at middle linebacker.

Williams probably has the edge because of his veteran experience in the game and Bostic is still learning the intricacies of the position. Not to mention, Bostic should probably wind up replacing Lance Briggs at weakside linebacker when Briggs moves on.

But don’t discount Bostic’s chances. His physical tools at his age are more explosive than Williams’, plus Williams has had trouble playing a full season as of late. His last two seasons — last year with the Bears and the previous with the Broncos — have been cut short due to injury.

We’ll probably see a lot of Bostic as he tries to get his bearings. Last year as a rookie, Bostic wowed us during the preseason with highlight hits while his struggles in pass coverage went largely unnoticed.

This year, try to keep an eye on Bostic when he drops back in coverage. That could be his key to winning the position.

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