Bears-Jaguars preview: Continued focus on the safety depth chart

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At the time of this writing, it’s unknown if safety Chris Conte will make his first appearance of the preseason, but if he sees the field, rest assured that all eyes will be upon him and his every minuscule move.

Conte left me, and most of Bears Nation, pulling out my hair last year with blown coverages and poor tackling. But the frustration didn’t lie with him alone. The defense as a whole was poor and Conte was hung out to dry as the public whipping boy.

Conte may end up working his way into the starting lineup, but the coaching staff has been playing things close to the vest with the depth chart. Newcomer Ryan Mundy is probably the closest thing to a sure bet to crack the starting lineup, but even that is no guarantee. He hasn’t done anything to lose the starting job and even picked off a pass in the preseason opener.

Adrian Wilson is a mystery at this point. The veteran Pro Bowler is flying under the radar and is hardly being talked about. He’s listed low on the depth chart and isn’t exactly being talked up by the coaching staff. Is this a sign that he’s in trouble of making the final roster? Or is he just a safe bet at this point and the coaches want to see more of the younger safeties?

Rookie Brock Vereen, Danny McCray and M.D. Jennings are in battles for playing time and roster spots. I’d expect Vereen to make the roster, Jennings to get cut, and McCray left to fight for a job.

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