Football is king in this country, that much is certain. So on every Monday from September through the first weekend in February, we’re going to be inundated with football discussion following a weekend of great football action.

When your team loses a game it shouldn’t — such was the case when the Bears dropped a heartbreaker to the Bills this weekend — not only is the tenor of the conversation much harsher, but the nitpicking is more prevalent.

One of the criticisms that managed to hit the Chicago airwaves on Monday that I take exception to is that the Bears didn’t score enough points.

My first response was: Duh! To win a football game, you must score more than your opponent. Not exactly breaking news.

But secondly, and all kidding aside here, you can’t score if you don’t have possession of the ball. The Bears had four punts against the Bills, and if you want to pick the nits about that, that’s fair game. But they also coughed up the football three times.

So, the criticism shouldn’t be about the Bears not scoring enough, it really should be about the unacceptable turnovers they amassed, because who’s to say they wouldn’t have scored on those three drives had they not turned the ball over?

I know it seems like a matter of semantics, but we need to keep perspective here. The offense played well in racking up 427 total yards, fourth-most in the NFL in Week 1. They also had 29 first downs — second-most in the league — and had a 42% third down efficiency — all numbers that were better than the Bills had.

They just need to protect the football better and the points will inevitably follow.