Former Bears coach and Chicago legend Mike Ditka, who has a weekly radio spot on Waddle & Silvy on WMVP-AM ESPN 1000, had some strong opinions about the ongoing Ray Rice and Roger Goodell drama.

Ditka, who strongly defended Goodell, was asked what he thought about Bears fans who said they might boycott watching football because of the way Goodell and the NFL front office botched the handling of Rice’s domestic violence case.

“Fine. Fine. I’ll see you later. Watch the Cubs,” Ditka said, as he paused for the ensuing laughter from the live crowd.

“That’s absolutely the height of ignorance. And it’s stupidity. You’ve got a league … it’s a great league … 95% of them are outstanding individuals … and there’s a small percentage that screw up.

“Bowling’s coming back on TV,” he added.