Bears bench Jay Cutler

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Reports surfaced late Wednesday that the Chicago Bears have chosen to bench franchise quarterback Jay Cutler, who currently is the NFL’s highest-paid player. That set off a media frenzy full of opinions and speculation. Here’s a sampling of that firestorm.

  1. Bears bench Jay Cutler in favor of backup Jimmy Clausen
  2. Bears Bench Jay Cutler For Jimmy Clausen
  3. Bears giving Jimmy Clausen start
  4. Chicago Bears bench Jay Cutler for Jimmy Clausen
  5. NFL notes: Bears reportedly bench quarterback Cutler
  6. The possible 2015 landing spots for Jay Cutler
  7. What the News of Jimmy Clausen Starting Means for the Chicago Bears
  8. Bears bench Cutler vs. Lions
  9. Report: Bears bench Jay Cutler, will start Jimmy Clausen against Detroit Lions
  10. Bears to bench Jay Cutler, according to multiple reports
  11. Bears set to bench Cutler
  12. Jimmy Clausen Reportedly Will Start over Jay Cutler vs. Lions in Week 16
  13. Bears bench Cutler, will start Clausen vs. Lions
  14. Report: Bears bench Cutler for Sunday’s game
  15. NFL notebook: Bears bench QB Cutler, turn to Clausen
  16. It’s Over for Cutler in Chicago as Trestman Puts Him in His Place: The Bench
  17. Cutler benched; Bears to start Jimmy Clausen vs. Lions
  18. Bears bench QB Cutler, will start Clausen against Lions
  19. Bears bench Jay Cutler for Sunday’s game. Agree with the decision?
  20. NFL: Bears reportedly to bench Cutler in favor of Clausen
  21. Reasons the Chicago Bears Chose To Bench Jay Cutler
  22. Bears Will Reportedly Bench Jay Cutler and Start Jimmy Clausen
  23. Bears bench Cutler for Sunday’s game
  24. Chicago Bears Put Jay Cutler on Bench Where He Belongs
  25. Cutler BENCHED
  26. Reports: Bears to bench Jay Cutler, start Jimmy Clausen
  27. Chicago Bears Bench Jay Cutler
  28. Report: Jimmy Clausen to start for Bears against Lions
  29. Report: Bears to bench Cutler, start Clausen Sunday
  30. Report: Bears to start Jimmy Clausen Week 16
  31. Chicago Bears to bench Jay Cutler, amidst disappointing season
  32. Bears may be protecting Cutler against injury
  33. Jay Cutler’s benching could signal QB’s end with Bears
  34. Bears’ Clausen-Cutler switch could foreshadow Cutler exit
  35. Why the Chicago Bears are benching Jay Cutler
  36. A Million(s) Dollar Bench Warmer named Jay Cutler
  37. NFL Notebook: Reports: Bears to Bench QB Cutler Against Lions
  38. Report: Jay Cutler To Be Benched By Bears, Who’ll Start Jimmy Clausen
  39. Believing in Cutler kills careers, yet GMs, coaches keep doing it. Why?
  40. Benching Jay Cutler Won’t Solve Chicago Bears’ Problems
  41. Reports: Bears benching Cutler
  42. Coach unable to get most from Cutler
  43. Benching Jay Cutler allows Marc Trestman to end season on his terms
  44. Opinion: Cutler Benching an Unnecessary Move in Lost Season
  45. Jimmy Clausen To Start Over Jay Cutler In Cheapest Game Of Season At Soldier Field
  46. Bears bench Jay Cutler, will start Jimmy Clausen
  47. Jay Cutler benched: Chicago Bears not confirming reports
  48. Bears bench Jay Cutler in favor of Jimmy Clausen
  49. Were the Chicago Bears Right to Bench Jay Cutler?
  50. Bears Bench Cutler? Bears Bench Cutler
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