Martellus Bennett says Marc Trestman will be an ‘excellent’ coordinator

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Bears tight end Martellus Bennett visited the set of NFL Network’s NFL AM on Friday morning to discuss the difficult season the Bears had in 2014.

“At some point, hope was lost,” Bennett summarized. “The defense wasn’t playing well, offense wasn’t playing well, and special teams weren’t playing well.

“We didn’t have that full team collectively playing together. Like, offense might have a good game but special teams and defense wouldn’t have a good game. Defense might play well, but offense would be trash. I think the whole thing is just putting a full group together, collectively, in all three phases.”

One of the topics the hosts asked Bennett about was former head coach Marc Trestman, the man whom Bennett once compared to Willy Wonka.

“I think the issue that [Trestman] had was managing us all, all the different personalities,” Bennett said of his former boss. “There’s a lot of big personalities, and I think for a first-time head coach in the NFL, dealing with all the personalities that you have, I think that’s hard.

“There’s so many guys with such outgoing personalities that managing those guys and bringing them all together is what a leader needs to do.”

Trestman latched on with John Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens this offseason as the team’s new offensive coordinator, a job Bennett thinks Trestman will excel at.

“Calling plays, he was excellent. I think he’s going to be an excellent coordinator for the Ravens.”

Bennett placed the blame on the Bears players for not preparing at a high enough level to convert “playing on paper” to “playing on grass.”

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