Jay Cutler appears to be coming back for 2015 season

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Bears fans hopeful that the Jay Cutler saga in Chicago would be coming to a conclusion under the Ryan Pace regime might have to wait a little longer.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, team sources have indicated that the Cutler and Chicago Bears marriage will last at least one more season.

There has been much speculation in the past couple days that the Bears were “actively seeking a trading partner” for Cutler. However, Mortensen noted that one source said the report had no merit whatsoever — “absolutely zero truth” was the quote Mortensen used from the source.

I know by this point, the majority of Bears fans either don’t like Cutler or don’t like his contract. It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t take a stance with one, if not both of those assessments.

And while I tend to lean toward the latter — acknowledging his bad contract — the fact remains that the NFL quarterback well is about as dry as a mid-summer day in the desert. No good free agent quarterbacks are available and no team with a good quarterback will trade him.

The Bears must turn their focus to the draft and identify a potential mid-round prospect that the team hopefully can develop. Marcus Mariota rumors continue to float around, but I’d be shocked to see the Bears take a chance on the Oregon quarterback with the seventh-overall pick of the draft when they have great needs at other positions.

The Bears can get by with Cutler for another season; they can’t survive with the square pegs they currently have on defense and trying to fit them into the round holes of the new 3-4 base defense.

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