Jimmy Clausen, starting Bears quarterback? Sounds worse than it looked Sunday

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Bears fans who can’t stand Jay Cutler may get their wish by seeing him on the sideline again. But if Sunday was any indication — and for the record, I feel it’s a partially accurate but not altogether fair representation — you may be regretting blowing out those birthday candles.

Clausen stepped in for Cutler when the starter exited Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury, and Clausen played as poorly as such Bears quarterbacks of the past like Jonathan Quinn. The Bears had to completely scrap their game plan and resort to handoffs, bubble screens and anything short of five-yard routes.

I love my wife, and I will defend her to the death. But my interaction with her on the couch during the Cutler-Clausen fiasco on Sunday is a microcosm of the general Cutler disdain in the Windy City.

Cutler is shown on TV limping back to the locker room (Bears fans can be heard booing him as he leaves).

Wife: “Cutler got hurt? Good. He stinks. I don’t like him.”

Me: “He stinks? Really? Wait a couple minutes … then get back to me.”

Clausen steps in … a few plays go by.

Wife: “Oh boy. This guy is awful. And he looks like he’s 12 years old.”

Second half comes around. Clausen trots back onto the field.

Wife: “This guy is back!? Where’s Cutler?”

Enough said. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

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