Bears special teams coverage blows it again

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For the second time in as many weeks, the Bears’ kickoff team blew its coverage and allowed a touchdown to open a half.

Last week, the Arizona Cardinals returned the opening kickoff of the game 108 yards for the early 7-0 lead. This week, after riding momentum into halftime, the Bears broke down and allowed the Seattle Seahawks to return the second half kickoff 105 yards for a score.

Nothing swings the momentum of a game quite like a kick return for a touchdown. Nothing breaks another team’s morale quite like a big special teams play — which is a big reason why the Bears got to Super Bowl XLI behind Devin Hester’s record rookie season.

The Bears are going to have to shore things up in that department, learn to shed blocks and to avoid engaging in others, if they want to stay alive in games. They’re not good enough on offense and defense to make up for inadequacies on special teams.

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