Adam Gase calls conservative, great game plan

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Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase made it clear through his play calling in Sunday’s 22-20 victory over the Oakland Raiders exactly what the Bears intended to do from an offensive standpoint. And that message was that they were going control the time of possession and dictate the pace of play to the Raiders.

It sure wasn’t the sexiest game plan a team can operate in today’s era of high-octane offenses, but the Bears were simply trying to work with what they’ve got and secure a victory any way they could.

Another positive that comes from a controlled run game is limiting the mistakes that quarterback Jay Cutler can make. And while Cutler did throw a near-costly interception late in the game off which the Raiders scored points, the Bears survived and thrived from their ground-and-pound approach.

I have no doubts that Gase can adapt to whatever defenses the Bears face week in and week out — what they did with the variety of jumbo packages last week against Seattle is a good case in point — and if the Bears get to a point where they have to open up the downfield passing, we’ll see some more creative play calling.

Let’s just hope Alshon Jeffery is back in the lineup to help out.

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