The Bears special teams has been anything but special in the first few weeks of the season. The kick coverage has been atrocious to the point that they allowed kickoff returns for touchdowns in back-to-back weeks against the Cardinals and Seahawks. Ultimately, that was one of the key factors in the dismissal of safety Brock Vereen.

The Bears planned to neutralize the Raiders’ kickoff returns by keeping the ball away from their returners. Robbie Gould spent most of the day pooch kicking the ball anywhere between the 10- and 30-yard lines to avoid big returns. The result was that the Raiders got good starting field position for many drives, but at least they didn’t break off one for a touchdown.

The hope is that the Bears can shore up the special teams and that Gould can find the leg strength to put a few more through the end zone, because they’d like to avoid letting opponents start from 35 yards out.