Jenkins continues providing spark for Bears defense

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When the Bears made a switch in defensive philosophy this offseason from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4, they were badly in need of new pieces to add to that side of the ball.

They drafted nose tackle Eddie Goldman — who had a decent game against the Raiders, including a sack — and they also moved several players around to try them at other positions.

But what the Bears really needed were players that had played in the 3-4 defense before, so they brought in veteran Jarvis Jenkins on a short-term deal to fill a role.

Jenkins has thus far done more than “fill a role” as he is one of the more consistent players on that side of the ball through four games.

After tallying a sack in the Bears’ 22-20 victory over the Raiders, Jenkins now has 3 in two weeks, and leads the team in that department.

If Jenkins continues to play well, he could work his way toward a contract extension in the offseason. But it’s still very early in the season and he’ll have to prove he warrants long-term consideration.

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