Matt Forte chips away at Raiders’ run defense

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Most teams know that when they prepare to take on the Bears, they’re going to focus almost all their attention on Matt Forte and the running game.

That’s exactly what the Oakland Raiders tried to do in their 22-20 loss to the Bears on Sunday. And although they held Forte to less than 100 yards — 91 yards on 25 carries for a 3.6 average — it was the Bears’ dedication to the run game that slowly chipped away at the Raiders’ defense and kept the Bears in control of the game.

I’m sure Forte has more than just football on his mind at this point. He’s been the subject of trade rumors this week and is, of course, in the final year of his contract. Where he plays next year and how much money he gets is surely on his mind.

Whether or not Forte finishes the year on the Bears’ roster remains to be seen, but as long as he is wearing the navy blue and burnt orange, you can bet the Bears will continue to ride the workhorse.

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