Robbie Gould still good as gold with game-winning field goal

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How good is Bears kicker Robbie Gould? He’s one of the most accurate kickers of all time and is good enough to live up to the analogy that he is as “good as gold.”

He might be a little brash as well. After the Bears’ 22-20 victory over the Oakland Raiders, during which Gould nailed a game-winning field goal, Gould invoked the name of the NBA’s greatest basketball player of all time.

“Michael Jordan never said he didn’t want the ball at the end of the game. Let’s be honest.”

Okay, Robbie. Different sport, different scenarios. And on top of it, you are no Michael Jordan.

Still, as his 49-yard field goal sailed through the uprights and all but gave the Bears their first victory of the season, I can’t help but remember how confident I was before he put his foot to it that the ball would find its target.

And that speaks to how accurate he really is.

Now, if he can just keep his big mouth shut. Because as much as MJ liked to talk while on the court, he let his play on the court do his talking when off it.

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