Bears secondary tough in run support; struggle in pass coverage

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It’s easy to be hard on the Bears’ cornerbacks and safeties after watching Matthew Stafford throw for 405 yards and four touchdowns in Sunday’s 37-34 overtime loss to the Detroit Lions. And, you wouldn’t be wrong to place blame on them for their part.

But it wasn’t all bad for the mostly young secondary. Their help in run support was key. I recall a play late in the game when cornerback Kyle Fuller shed a block and blew up a wide receiver screen for no gain. The play was especially encouraging considering veteran safety Antrel Rolle called out Fuller earlier this season for not playing physical enough.

Fuller finished the game as the Bears’ leading tackler.

The other factor in the passing game that has to be taken into consideration is the Bears’ lack of a pass rush. There were many plays throughout the game where Stafford had way too much time to throw. When a quarterback doesn’t get rid of the ball immediately, it means the secondary is doing its job in pass coverage and there is nobody open. But if the pass rush doesn’t get to the quarterback and bring him down, you can’t expect the defensive backs to hold their coverage for that long.

There is certainly room for improvement all over the Bears defense, that much we know to be true.

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