Jay Cutler continues to display poise in fourth-quarter drives

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is showing a lot more poise this season in pressure situations in the fourth quarter.

For the third straight game, Cutler led the Bears down the field with less than two minutes to play in regulation to keep the Bears alive. In the previous two weeks, against the Raiders and Chiefs, Cutler led the Bears to late victories. On Sunday, Cutler took the Bears 69 yards on three plays with just 21 seconds to play in the fourth quarter to set up Robbie Gould for the game-tying field goal.

Yes, cynics will say that the third of those three plays was a pass interference, but an interference doesn’t take away from the fact that Cutler was poised and seemingly undeterred in such a time crunch and pressure-filled situation.

One has to wonder whether the new coaching staff has finally instilled some confidence in Cutler after he’s been rattled so many times in the past. A three-game sample size is hardly indicative of the bigger picture, but it’s good to feel confident that even when the Bears are down with two minutes to go that we have faith in the Bears’ offense to give the team a shot to win.

…unless the play calling is restrictive. More on that later.

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