The Bears wanted to stay committed to the run in Sunday’s 37-34 overtime loss to the Detroit Lions, but the strategy didn’t prove too fruitful, at least not from a ground game perspective.

Matt Forte rushed 24 times for just 69 yards, a 2.8 yard average.

Sometimes the simple act of staying dedicated to the run, even without much success, is enough to keep the defense honest and help open up the passing game. To put it into a metaphor, if Forte keeps running into a wall, enough cracks will show up to cause all the villagers to come running to fix it.

That’s exactly what happened on Sunday as Jay Cutler aired it out, completing 26 of 41 passes (63%) for 353 yards and a touchdown. The Lions made it a priority to stop the run, so the Bears took what the defense gave them.

As the season progresses, Forte will continue to face game plans geared specifically toward stopping him, but as long as Cutler continues to play as well as he has been this season, things will open back up for Forte.