Kyle Fuller brings out his ball skills against Vikings

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It’s seems like a long time has passed since we looked at a play made by cornerback Kyle Fuller and said, “this kid is going to be something special.”

Fuller got off to a hot start in his rookie season last year before struggling and falling off the radar late in the season. He was benched earlier this season and called out by veteran Antrel Rolle for not putting in the time needed to excel at his position.

In Sunday’s 23-20 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, Fuller flashed a little bit of the playmaking ability we remember from last year when he stepped in front of a Teddy Bridgewater pass late in the first half to record an interception.

We’re not seeing the glaring errors from Fuller that were evident earlier in the season, so maybe he’s working toward improving his play. Hopefully he can gain some confidence from the interception and keep progressing as the season goes on.

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