Bears coaching staff one step ahead of Rams counterparts

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If there was one thing we knew we’d be sure about before this season began, it was that new head coach John Fox would get the most out the talent that he was given.

The Bears were in a mess after the previous two seasons under Marc Trestman, and had a severe deficit in talent after years of poor drafting by general managers Phil Emery and Jerry Angelo. The kind of rebuilding process that awaited this team could have been an ugly one.

Instead, with the solid coaching staff that Fox and new GM Ryan Pace have assembled, this rebuilding process has actually been kind of fun and entertaining. Outside the loss to the Seahawks — when Jay Cutler was hurt and Jimmy Clausen was playing — the Bears have been competitive in every game they have played this season.

And the good news … the schedule only gets easier as the season goes on.

It is because the Bears have such competence on their coaching staff that they dominated the Rams in their own building. Fox outcoached his counterpart, Jeff Fisher, who is a great coach in his own right. The Bears were at least one step ahead of the Rams throughout the game. Offensive coordinator Adam Gase found a way to neutralize the young, attacking defense that the Rams possess. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio put his defense in position to stifle the rookie phenom Todd Gurley, holding him to just 45 yards rushing, and harassed quarterback Nick Foles all game.

The success that this undermanned Bears roster has had this season has Bears fans already fearing that either or both of these coordinators might get head coaching looks after this season is up. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s see how the rest of the season plays out. Because the best thing that both Gase and Fangio can do at this point is not fail at their jobs so that they remain with the Bears next year. Rather, it would behoove both themselves and the Bears to teach these young players how to play the game and let them grow into contributors for years to come.

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