Secondary kept Bears in game; no pass rush kept Packers in it

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The Bears seemingly gave Aaron Rodgers every opportunity to defeat them Thursday night in the Bears’ 17-13 victory when they gave him oodles of time to throw the ball. Rodgers could have pitched a tent and camped out back there.

Even a marginal quarterback can pick apart a defense if given time to throw; can you imagine what a quarterback of Aaron Rodgers’ caliber can do with that time?

That is, unless the secondary plays out of its mind.

It’s precisely because the Bears’ secondary did such a good job locking down the Packers’ receivers that Rodgers was not able to pick apart the defense. Against almost any other opponent, the Bears’ pass coverage Thursday night would have led to a lot more coverage sacks. It’s only because of Rodgers’ agility in the pocket that the Bears finished with just two sacks in the game.

There’s no denying that the Bears have improved from the worst defense in the NFL a season ago. But more than just improvement, the Bears are becoming a good defense. They’re ranked fourth in the NFL against the pass right now. They have a ways to go to improve the run defense, but that will come with time and with the addition of extra pieces.

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