Former Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt was on The Mully and Hanley Show on WSCR 670 The Score Tuesday morning as part of his regular weekly hit during the football season. Wannstedt gave his opinion and assessment of the upcoming Super Bowl 50 matchup between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, and offered his strategy for stopping the Panthers offense.

“I want Cam Newton to beat us throwing the ball,” Wannstedt said. “If he throws for 500 yards and throws 5 touchdowns, so be it. But take away the quarterback run, and take away the read play.”

I couldn’t agree more with his strategy. I might just be stubborn with my views on Newton, but I’m still not ready to crown him a great overall quarterback. His legs have so much to do with his MVP-caliber season and I still want to see him air the ball out before I crown him a franchise quarterback. — Why? Just ask Colin Kaepernick. He was “all the rage” in his first few years before he fell off the face of the earth, largely because his throwing skills couldn’t keep up with his running skills. Speed fades over time, whereas a pocket passer can play much longer.

Let’s not go overboard with our praise of Newton, who only finished 16th in the league in passing yards and a whopping 28th in completion percentage. There’s more evidence in Newton’s first four seasons in the league of being an average quarterback than there is of him being a franchise-caliber player in this one year.