Martellus Bennett tweet stirs up questions

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A recent tweet from Bears tight end Martellus Bennett stirred up a lot of Twitter discussion among fans about whether his time in Chicago is done.

After his tweet, many Bears fans assumed it was Bennett’s “farewell” to Chicago, in similar fashion to Matt Forte’s goodbye post on Instagram last week.

But when taking a closer look at Bennett’s Twitter timeline, the tweet probably referenced a movie night with “Kids Club” members at Halas Hall.

We live in an era of instant information and access to the thoughts of celebrities and athletes, where every post is immediately examined and scrutinized for true intentions. Instances like these are examples of why we can’t assume what somebody thinks or feels unless they spell it out in writing.

Questions about whether Bennett remains in Chicago continue to hover over the Bears like a dark, ominous cloud. But as I noted in my 2016 Chicago Bears Predictions, I think that Bennett will remain with the team. Free agent tight end Zach Miller is reportedly seeking upwards of $5 million per season, which is a high price tag for a guy that has had trouble staying healthy. It’d be silly to get rid of a strong player like Bennett without any kind of backup plan in place.

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