Could the Bears trade up in the draft?

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For years, the Bears have always had a conservative approach to the NFL draft, choosing to select players with “high floors” rather than “high ceilings.” Essentially, their goal was to minimize risk by selecting players not for their potential but for their competence. The Bears would even trade down out of their slot to acquire more picks.

We saw how well those strategies worked out. The team’s cupboard of young talent was bare.

Now with a new regime in place led by general manager Ryan Pace, could the Bears be more aggressive and trade up if the right player presented himself?

“It’s awesome [having nine draft picks],” Pace told reporters on Wednesday. “Last year we only had six. So now, we have some flexibility to move around within the draft. Not just to acquire more players, but possibly move up and move back. It just gives us more flexibility in the draft.”

Pace didn’t exactly spell out his desire to trade up in this year’s draft, but he did acknowledge that he wouldn’t hesitate to do so if the right player was available.

“You have ammunition now,” Pace said of the Bears’ abundance of picks. “You can be more aggressive with moving up and down in the draft.”

We’ll see how aggressive the Bears decide to be in April.

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