Bears pass rush just not hitting home

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Football is a simple game, although not always easy — there is a difference between the two, trust me.

Besides the obvious — score more points than your opponent — there is a very simple formula for success in today’s game:

Rush the opposing quarterback + Protect your own quarterback = Success.

Show me a successful NFL team that doesn’t have that formula working for them and I’ll show you an anomaly.

The problem for the Bears, at least through two weeks, is that they haven’t even come close to doing either one of those two factors. Jay Cutler has been sacked 8 times, most in the NFL, and the Bears defense has registered just 4 sacks of its own — which puts them somewhere in the middle of the pack.

That’s not good enough to get the job done.

The Bears are getting pressure from a variety of their linebackers — Danny Trevathan, Willie Young, Sam Acho, and Leonard Floyd have all sacked the quarterback this year — but they’re not disrupting him enough to affect the outcome of the game.

I like the analogy of chopping down a tree. It takes more than a few swings to knock down a Redwood; you have to hack at it all day until it falls. As it stands right now, the Bears have barely shaved the bark when it comes to pressuring the quarterback.

Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio can only go so far to scheme up clever blitz packages. Sooner or later, it’s upon the players themselves to get to the quarterback and that time is now.

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