Jay Cutler hand injury brings disappointment and doubt

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The most devastating thing about Jay Cutler’s right thumb injury, sustained in Monday night’s 29-14 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, is that it inevitably signals a premature end to the 2016 Chicago Bears football season.

As if the offensive woes at all the other positions on the field weren’t enough indication.

It wasn’t entirely clear when Cutler suffered the injury, but he exited the game early leaving many in the Twittersphere to do what they do best and question Cutler’s toughness while saying he quit on the team.

Nevermind that the injury is on his throwing hand and that the thumb is — sort of required in order to grip the football. And never mind that he tried to play through ligament damage, as reported by various sources.

But fans have been angry at Cutler since the 2010 NFC Championship game and nothing will change their mindset.

The bigger question on the table if Cutler misses significant time is not what will happen to the 2016 Bears, but who will be quarterbacking the 2017 Bears? Cutler is currently the oldest player on the team and his contract becomes dispensable after the season. The Bears are in the midst of a youth movement and general manager Ryan Pace has stated multiple times that he acknowledges the importance of continuously finding ways to accumulate quarterback assets — although he hasn’t exactly addressed the position in the draft.

Whether or not Cutler returns to the Bears next year, the team needs to address the position. As for this year’s Bears … get ready for the Brian Hoyer Show if Cutler misses significant time.

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