Robbie Gould missed, but rightfully gone

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As soon as Connor Barth’s 31-yard field goal hit the left upright in Monday’s 29-14 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, I eagerly opened the ol’ Twitter app to see the flood of tweets commenting on how the Bears were wrong to release Robbie Gould.

The only problem is, they were not wrong to release Gould. They were wrong to sign Barth.

Gould’s contract and his level of play were not matching up. The Bears did not need their money heavily invested in a kicker who was no longer “good as gold.”

The issue was that they signed a kicker in Barth, whom they claimed was reliable from within 40 yards, and he missed his first attempt from just 31 yards out.

Considering extra points are now 33 yards out, it’s all the more disgraceful to miss a chip shot like that.

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