Jordan Howard flashes potential — and shades of Matt Forte

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Bears rookie running back Jordan Howard rushed for 111 yards on 23 carries in Sunday’s 17-14 victory over the Detroit Lions.

Howard seemed to run with poise and patience, picking his spots to make cutbacks and using an array of subtle jukes and spins to avoid taking on the big hit.

Sounds an awful lot like former Bears running back Matt Forte, doesn’t it?

Now, before you go assuming I just fell off the turnip truck, I’m not remotely comparing a rookie coming off his first game to one of the best running backs in Bears history. I’m simply describing flashes that brought back good memories of Forte’s tenure with the team.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Howard was the first Bears running back to top 100 yards in his first start since Forte did it in 2008.

Howard also worked his way into the passing game — another staple of Forte’s — catching three balls for 21 yards against the Lions.

Before we can start anointing Howard as the real deal, though, we’ll need to see him produce at a high level consistently for many games, improve his pass protection, and hold off Jeremy Langford when the Bears’ starting running back returns from injury.

But for at least one game, it was nice to see that Howard looks like a player.

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