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Monday Morning Quarterback: Bears-Seahawks (01.16.11)

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Unless you’re a big worrier or had not yet bought into the Bears being a legitimately good team, you already knew that a Bears-Packers conference championship game was scheduled for next week even before the […] Read the full article »

Game Breakdown: Seahawks at Bears (01.16.11)

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Bears offense vs. Seahawks defense When the Bears played the Seahawks earlier this season, Jay Cutler threw the ball 39 times and the team rushed the ball just 14 times. That’s bad enough as it […] Read the full article »

2010 Weekly Predictions: Divisional Round

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It was a tale of two different days for me in last week’s wild card action. I missed both straight-up predictions as well as the picks against the spread in Saturday’s two games, but nailed […] Read the full article »

Four Downs: Keys to beating the Seahawks (01/16/11)

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A look at four keys for the Bears to beat this week’s opponent.

Divisional Round predictions

Posted in Predictions on January 10, 2009 at 9:22 am by

I wound up splitting my predictions from the wild card round with Sunday’s games falling as planned while Saturday’s resulted in disappointment. I did pick the correct score of the Colts-Chargers game; I just picked […] Read the full article »