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Post-Wild Card prediction: Packers will beat Bears in NFC conference championship

Posted in Predictions on January 10, 2011 at 1:48 pm by

One of my favorite expressions is, “be careful what you wish for.” It’s just as effective as, “I told you so,” but not as condescending, and usually the former is stated beforehand and the latter […] Read the full article »

No green and gold cheering from me

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Exchanging texts with my brother Saturday night following the Seahawks’ 41-36 upset victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Saints, he mentioned how his rooting interests have changed for Sunday’s NFC Wild Card matchup between […] Read the full article »

2010 Weekly Predictions: Wild Card Round

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Week 17 is typically a difficult week to predict due to the uncertainty of which teams will play their starters if they already have a playoff spot wrapped up, and which teams have players that […] Read the full article »

Wild Card predictions

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I finished out the regular season with a good Week 17, but now the difficult season begins. The playoffs aren’t always as easy to predict as the regular season and we begin with some tough […] Read the full article »