My name is Ryan and I’m an avid football and Chicago Bears fan. I’ve been a football fan my whole life and I am extremely passionate about it.

I played 10 years of football including four in high school and four in college. I’ve played a variety of positions including middle linebacker, offensive guard, defensive end, and kicker, so I have a wide range of knowledge across multiple positions and schemes.

I have every Bears game on tape since the turn of the century — the millennium, actually. During the season, I like to re-watch the games after they’re over so I can study what went wrong and what the Bears need to do better the next week. After the season, I often put together highlight tapes — if the Bears have provided enough highlights to assemble.

My hobbies besides football are reading and writing as well as the Internet and web development, so this blog is kind of all-encompassing.

Feel free to drop me an email at webmaster@bearsbeat.com to talk about the Bears or football in general.